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APD Ltd is now a globally approved partner for Beckhoff Ltd 🤝

They say all good things take time, and this has been 20 years in the making!

We’ve been an active user of Beckhoff Automation equipment and software for a very long time and all of our more ‘out-there’ projects (most of which we can’t talk about) have been based on the hashtag#Beckhoff platform. Quite simply, it let’s us do things we cannot do with other platforms.

Earlier this year APD Ltd formalised this relationship by becoming a globally approved Partner and today we were pleased to receive our official plaque to prove it, all we need to do now is find space on the wall to mount it!

You can see us featured on their website here:

hashtag#APDltd hashtag#APDUK hashtag#AmberProgrammableDesign hashtag#BeckhoffAutomation hashtag#BeckhoffUK hashtag#Beckhoffsystems hashtag#newpartnership hashtag#approvedpartnership

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