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Happy 1 Year Aleks!

Pick any day of the week and you’ll find APD brimming with talent covering a huge range of skills. We love to keep adding to that when the time is right and a year ago we welcomed Aleks into the fold as Control & Instrumentation Engineer.

It’s gone in a flash but Aleks has settled right in and proved himself on many occasions over the year. He brings with him valuable knowledge, experience and certification from his previous position in the renewables sector which is being put to valuable use in our own efforts to be at the forefront of our own smart energy solution.

About his first year, Aleks said:

"It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since I joined APD. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities, experiences and support I’ve had over the past year and couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming ones! I've learned so much and I'm excited to continue to develop my skills and make a positive impact in the automation and control industry."

It's great having you as part of the team Aleks!

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