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Long Service Awards

It's certainly the year of anniversaries at APD.

As well as celebrating 35 years in business with a trip at Carlisle Races earlier this year, the director's also chose this day to recognise five employees for their long service - a grand total of 130 years between them!

Senior Project Engineer, Garrie Little; Electrical Design Engineer, Paul Quinn & Electrician Iain Graham have all reached the 30 years service milestone. Whilst Bill Fulton (Electrical Design Engineer) and Cameron Gilmour (Software Engineer) received awards to mark 20 years service.

As a token of their appreciation, the director's presented each employee with a commemorative glass plaque and gift vouchers.

We asked them to reflect on their time at APD and here's what the guys had to say...

"It was a welcome surprise and very much appreciated to receive a long service award at the companies special day. It was great to get recognition for all the hard work that I and the team put in, because without the rest of the guys I wouldn’t be where I am. I’ve been with APD more than half my life and longer than most of the current lads have been alive, but although I’ve had some bad times, the good times way outweigh them. I’ve worked and still work with a great team that punch way above their weight in this industry. It’s a big family and that’s what keeps me pushing forward." - Garrie
"I came to APD straight out of school as I couldn't leave there soon enough so I completed my education here. It was nice to receive a token of the companies gratitude as I've had many happy years of service." - Paul
"It's a pleasure and a privilege to have worked at APD for 30 years, where I've also met some great people." - Iain
"After 20 years I’m still enjoying working for APD in a variety of industries. I can only remember two questions from my interview, “Have you got a thick skin?” and “What are you like when you’re drunk?”. I did wonder what I was coming to but it’s turned out to be a very happy 20 years working with a great bunch of colleagues." - Bill

Well done to everyone and cheers to many more years! 🍻

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