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Oslo Trade Mission

This week, Jim Main, APD's technical director travelled to Norway, along with 8 other Scottish businesses to be part of the first ever British-Norwegian Trade Mission, hosted by British Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (BNCC), in partnership with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.

Following the success of COP26 in Glasgow in November 2021, the point of the mission was to build on the importance of green business models and the increasing demand for renewable energy and sustainable processes within industry. The focus of the three-day program was "Renewable Energy and Innovation", a conversation that APD is very keen to be part of.

Jim was met with a warm and friendly welcome and thoroughly enjoyed both the event, and Oslo as a whole! Talking about how it went for the Scottish businesses that made the journey, Jim said "Innovation is everywhere in this city but I still think we managed to pull out a few surprises in our presentations and we all hope to build on the cross-trade in the future. Particularly in APD's case, in relation to smart and renewable energy systems."

APD have recently launched a sub-division; APD Energy. This new chapter in APD's story will focus on providing cutting-edge solutions to commercial and industrial energy problems.

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