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Sun, Steel & Solar Panels

It’s been an exciting week here at APD as the last solar panel was installed on the roof of the APD building.

Back in April we took delivery of 75 Perlight Delta 400W solar panels from Midsummer electrical. Each panel measures in at 1.6m x 1.1m and weighs 19kg. Not only do these panels look ultra-sleek, with a modern feel, they are also capable of producing 30kW of electrical energy and we have plenty of roof space to increase that capacity in the future.

Each panel has been mounted onto a galvanised steel frame, manufactured by DK Engineering, on the flat roof space above the APD offices and workshop. We’ve laid the panels out in an arc, tilted at 35 degree angle, optimising sun exposure based on our location and latitude.

The introduction of solar panels is just one small step in a much larger on-going project at APD as we embark on a pioneering journey towards net zero. Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of our brand new website, APD Energy.

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