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The Great Scottish Run

The Great Scottish Run returned to Glasgow after a three-year hiatus. The three day event included the Junior and Mini Great Scottish run, as well a 10K and a half marathon.

Taking place over three days, it's Scotland's biggest running event and a highlight of Glasgow's sporting calendar. It caters for all ages and abilities with events such as the Mini Great Scottish Run, Toddler Dash, Mascot Race, 10K and Half Marathon Challenge.

Amongst the 20,000+ marathon runners was our very own Jim Main.

Starting in the heart of the city and finishing in Glasgow Green, the runners pass by entertainment zones every kilometre, keeping the spirits high.

Jim is no stranger to long distance running (and cycling!) events so despite the lack of training he achieved an excellent finish time of 2:14:21. This placed him 5756th out of 20,000+ which is in the top 30%.

"Given the amount (lack) of training I was happy enough with the time. How I managed twice this distance on the same day in London last year I’ll never know!"

Well done Jim!

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