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Rust2Rome Fundraiser

Rust2Rome is a 2000 mile epic journey through Europe in a £500 Rust bucket in aid of Amber’s Hope Animal Welfare and Diabetes.

APD engineer, Andy Hill, from our Aberdeen office is taking part this year in Rust2Rome to raise money in Aid of Greek Animal Rescue and Diabetes. We would like to raise awareness of these worthy causes and as much money as possible. Diabetes is a killer. In the last 20 years it has become more prevalent. Andy and his wife have both lost a parent to this disease and every year more and more people are diagnosed.

Amber’s Hope Animal welfare is also close to our hearts. Elaine and Andy have been involved in animal rescue for some years now, mainly assisting in the rescue of animals from Crete and other European countries, who have been abused and even maimed. There have been hundreds of these animals who have found love and happiness in the UK, thanks to kind sponsors, fund raisers, foster parents and adopters.

For more information on either charity please click the links below:

Amber's Hope Animal Rescue Crete -

Diabetes UK

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